I have been involved in the graphics arts industry since childhood; the passion for this discipline came from my father who taught the magic in the transformation of a blank piece into an attractive item. Living back in my home country my father started a small printing company from the ground up, becoming a very reputable business, very well known and respected upon his peers. Growing in the industry and becoming an enthusiast of the graphics arts, I decided to go to college to study advertising and marketing. After moving to Canada, me and my perfect partner, friend and spouse , who happens to be an Industrial Engineer and brings the passion for quality control and organizational skills, we decided to jump into the Garment Decoration industry.

Since 2018 we are in the market providing quality products to our clients, being  customer service and quality products our recipe to bring an efficient and stress free experience throughout the whole process form the first contact until product delivery and post sales follow up. It is our goal to build a trusted relationship with our client, their feedback is incredibly valuable for us to improve our services.

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Having been in the graphics arts industry for more than 25 years we have seen how technology has impacted all industries, and the graphics arts industry is not the exception. We have been involved in different projects from conception until execution of campaigns; we have witnessed all types of challenges through our careers in this industry. In the garment decoration industry, being part of the graphics arts, those changes have come with automatization of the processes, machines becoming faster and more accurate, techniques have evolved at the same pace. 

We are committed to being up to date with technology, and for that reason we invest in improving our equipment to reduce delivery times without compromising quality, as we did replacing out embroidery machines for the latest version. This combined with our vast experience makes us the trusted partners our clients look and expect.



Our backgrounds, experience and preparation makes a great combination to excel in the garment industry. Our passion for graphics gives us the edge to foreseeing how the jobs will look before we proceed; we make sure the job satisfy our standards before we proceed with it. The attention for details and quality is one of our main strengths, having an industrial engineer in our team brings all the knowledge on how to improve efficiency without compromising the quality expected by our clients.


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